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Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentee as part of the Australasian Housing Institute Mentoring Program. This registration information you provide in the application will be used in matching you to the best-fit mentor.

Please note that in 2018 the AHI will launch a pilot round of the Mentoring Program in NSW. The program will be run over a 9-month period, from February to November.

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Rules & Conditions *

Everyone who meets the following criteria is eligible for entry:
* An AHI member who may be a recent entrant to the social housing profession or wanting to move into a more substantial or different social housing role.
* Willing to listen, learn and challenge their ideas in order to get the most out of the mentoring relationship over the course of the mentoring term, usually 9 months.
* Availability to meet (by phone, e-mail, Skype or face to face) with their mentor at least once a month, over the course of the mentoring relationship. The minimum recommended time commitment is one hour per mentoring meeting.
* Willing to abide by the General Rules for Mentees and Mentors.

Closing date
Your application must be submitted by 5pm AEDT on Thursday, 15 February 2018.  

Mentee Roles
As a mentee, you will play many different roles during the course of your mentoring relationship.
The following are some important roles for you to keep in mind:
* Identify the skills, knowledge, and/or goals that you want to achieve and communicate them to your mentor.
* Bring up new topics that are important to you at any point and give feedback to your mentor.
* Develop and maintain the mentoring action plan and work with your mentor to set up goals, developmental activities, and time frames.
* Work with your mentor to seek resources for learning; identify people and information that might be helpful.
* Look for opportunities to give back to your mentor; share any information that you think might be valuable.
* Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn.  

General Rules for Mentees and Mentors
In applying for and entering into the AHI Mentoring Program it is understood that the General Rules for Mentees and Mentors are to be adhered to at all times:
* It is expected that mentees/mentors will complete the application form honestly, in order for the matching of mentors/mentees to be as successful as possible.
* As members, it is expected that mentees/mentors comply with the Institute’s Code of Conduct which is intended to give Institute members clear guidance about how to conduct themselves as social housing professionals.
* It is expected that mentees/mentors understand that no bullying, harassment or other unacceptable workplace behaviours will be tolerated.
* It is expected that mentees/mentors understand that the mentoring program will require time commitments and are pleased to give up some of their time to participate in the program and communicate with their mentee/mentor.
* It is expected that all mentees/mentors will enter into the mentoring relationship with a commitment to assist each other to develop and learn in an environment that will support honesty, fairness and respect.
* It is expected that the mentees/mentors, in becoming a part of the Mentoring Program, will share ideas, knowledge and experiences with their partner in the mentoring relationship.
* It is expected that confidentiality and privacy of the mentee/mentor will be strictly adhered. §  It is expected that mentees/mentors are aware that once the mentoring program has ceased, they are no longer a recognised mentor/mentee combination in the program though must maintain confidentiality and privacy.
* It is expected that mentees/mentors understand that once they have made the commitment to participate in the AHI Mentoring Program that if for any reason they cannot see the program through to its conclusion, they need to notify the program manager and their mentee /mentor as soon as possible.
* It is expected that mentees/mentors understand that non-compliance with the mentoring program rules and AHI Code of Conduct may results may result in removal from the mentoring program and further action as necessary per non-compliance with the AHI Member Code of Conduct or per the mentoring program grievance handling procedure.
* It is expected that if the mentoring relationship is not working for any reason, that the program manager will be notified immediately to ensure that the matter is addressed and if necessary the mentoring relationship prematurely closed.
* It is expected that mentees/mentors will notify the program manager in writing of any unresolved grievances or concerns regarding the program process or mentee/mentor conduct in a timely fashion.

To secure a place in the AHI’s mentoring program, mentees will pay $300 (inc GST) upon acceptance of their mentor match. Program participation also includes a $100 voucher for the mentee to use in attending other AHI events to further the mentee's professional development.

Privacy Statement
Entry into the AHI Mentoring Program assumes that you are giving permission for the AHI to provide or request information of your submission for use by the AHI and our media partners in media materials, such as websites, publications etc. We collect personal information for the primary purpose of promoting the Program. If we are unable to collect personal information we may be unable to contact you or unable to process a registration for the AHI Mentoring Program. Where information is collected from a third party, it is the third party’s responsibility to notify the person about the disclosure of their personal information to us. We may disclose the personal information we collect to Program Manager who allocates the mentee-mentor match, and third-party service providers who assist us in promoting the AHI Mentoring Program, including public relations companies and technical service providers. When disclosing your information to third-party service providers we will seek to ensure that they comply with the Privacy Act 1988.

By submitting a registration, entrants accept these terms and conditions.
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Declaration *

I, the above named participant, have voluntarily applied to participate as a Mentee in the Australasian Housing Institute’s Mentoring Program. In consideration of my participation as a Mentee, I hereby agree to release and indemnify and hold harmless the Mentors, Australasian Housing Institute, its governing board, officers, employees, or agents from any and all liability, responsibility, claims, and demands which arise or hereafter arise from any advice given or received through my participation in the AHI Mentoring Program. I further acknowledge and understand that Mentors are not giving legal advice to Mentees in connection with this program. I agree that this release is effective immediately.
Thank you for registering to become a mentee!
Registrations close on Thursday, 15 February 2018 and after that, a mentor-mentee match will be allocated. 

We expect the program to be popular, and while every effort will be made to match you with a mentor, completion of registration does not guarantee a place in the program, as this is dependent on availability of best-match mentee/mentor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Donella Roberts (donella.roberts@housinginstitute.org).
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Unfortunately, you're not eligible to submit a registration for the AHI Mentoring Program. Please, contact AHI office if you need assistance or have any questions.
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